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Quarterly Market Commentary – Q3 2022

This year has presented investors with a rude awakening to the consequences of a regime change from easy money, low inflation, a relatively peaceful geopolitical environment. We have now climbed over to the other side of this fence. It’s naïve to think that the pain...

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Quarterly Market Commentary – Q2 2022

Since the start of the year, investors and consumers have been growing increasingly pessimistic about the outlook for the economy, and in the past quarter we have started to see concrete evidence that the economy is indeed slowing. U.S. retail sales, on a real or...

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Quarterly Market Commentary – Q1 2022

Both equity and fixed income markets saw significant volatility in the first quarter of 2022. Most major central banks around the world maintained their hawkish stance to tackle unsustainably high inflation. The Bank of Canada (BoC), U.S. Federal Reserve (“the Fed”),...

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Quarterly Market Commentary – Q4 2021

U.S. equities rose in the final quarter of 2021 during which fears over rising cases of a new COVID-19 variant weighed on investors. These worries were put on hold in December as the S&P 500 rallied to finish up 11.0% for Q4. This gain helped the index finish with a...

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