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At Penmore, we work with our clients through every step of life, whether you are early in your career or planning for future generations.

Financial Planning

This starts with an in-depth discovery where we explore your current situation, your desired objectives, and possible obstacles to your success. We will incorporate your cash flow, risk management, investment planning, tax strategies, and estate planning. The goal is to provide our clients not only with a roadmap of the future, but peace of mind throughout the whole journey.

Retirement Planning

This is a critical part of your overall financial plan. By asking the right questions, we help navigate our clients through the details of their finances in retirement. Our goal here is not only to ensure our clients can enjoy their retirement but also to advocate for their wellbeing by engaging in higher value conversations. Most of our clients are not worried so much about money, but how they spend their time.

Family Legacy

Many of our clients are looking into the future and contemplating their own legacy. We know clients who have left great legacies, including their humour, character, careers, businesses, charitable giving, and more. We enjoy helping our clients build, protect, and enhance their legacies which will live on for generations to come.

Discretionary Wealth Management

With discretionary management, investors delegate the daily investment decisions to their Portfolio Manager (PM) based upon a pre-defined set of criteria and parameters outlined within an Investment Policy Statement (IPS). This authority allows the PM flexibility in trading decisions so that buying opportunities or protective selling during volatile markets can be capitalized on. It is the perfect service for the time pressed, affluent professional or retiree.

Some of the other benefits to Discretionary Management include:

  • Investment discipline: PM’s have strict regulatory standards and adhere to a customized IPS (Investment Policy Statement) catered to your specific needs.
  • Bulk trading: Trading can be executed in bulk creating massive efficiencies, fairness, and equal treatment among all clients. Hundreds of client’s portfolios can be rebalanced within hours. There is also the ability for bulk discounted products.
  • Accountability: PM’s have a legal fiduciary responsibility to act in the client’s best interest with honesty and good faith.
  • Tax Planning: Certain investment strategies offered by a Portfolio Manager provide you with potential tax advantages that can optimize your accumulation of wealth now and in retirement.

Discretionary wealth management is the pinnacle of financial advisory services. Penmore Wealth Management is proud to have accomplished and offer what very few have. We have completed the demanding educational, industry experience, and organizational requirements that only a small number of all investment advisors in Canada have attained.

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