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To achieve your dreams, you need a strategy for success

A Roadmap for Your Healthy Financial Future

Creating wealth requires long term vision. We work with you at every stage of life starting with a robust financial plan, supported with sound decision making throughout your journey.

With access to an outstanding team of researchers and analysts, our wealth management advisors are dedicated to building a financial plan tailored to your personal needs and goals.

Since 1982, Penmore has built powerful partnerships based on service, value, and integrity, and forged lasting relationships with clients across Canada and around the world.

How We Work Together

Gathering information and learning about vision, goals, and objectives.

Our consultative approach sets us apart in our industry. We sit on your side of the table and listen carefully to your concerns and objectives.

Our Wealth Services

Evaluating vision, goals, and objectives.

We use benchmarks and other quantifiable metrics to evaluate your goals and objectives and ensure they meet your requirements.

Provide solutions and require feedback to meet goals.

We provide solutions along with the implications of those decisions. Concurrence and feedback are sought from you at this stage to refine and improve the ultimate solution.

Tactical execution and strategic communication.

You are informed about the specific approach to how your customized solution will be executed and communicated to ensure your peace of mind.

Measuring and evaluating. Reviewing vision, goals, and objectives.

We examine the solution, measure the results, and adjust the program as your needs evolve. This is an ongoing phase and determines inputs of the next iteration of the program.

A Personalized Approach For Every Client

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